The Gaarudi Gombe

The Gaarudi Gombe art show is a celebration of a centuries-old art form from the Kannal village in Karnataka. The show, which was held at the Art in chennai Bharatha kalai koodam, featured a variety of wooden sculptures that were replicas of traditional Hindu temples and idols. The sculptures were created by local artisans who have been practicing the art of Gaarudi Gombe for generations

The term "Gaarudi Gombe" means "magical doll" in Kannada. The dolls are made from a variety of woods, including sandalwood, teak, and jackfruit. They are carved by hand and then painted with bright colors. The dolls are often decorated with gold and silver leaf

The Gaarudi Gombe art show was a successful event that raised awareness of this unique art form. The show also helped to promote the work of the local artisans who create the dolls. The show was a valuable contribution to the cultural landscape of India, and it is hoped that it will be held again in the future


Gaarudi Gombe

The Gaarudi Gombe art form has a long and rich history. It is believed to have originated in the 12th century, when the Hoysala dynasty ruled over Karnataka. The Hoysalas were patrons of the arts, and they commissioned many wooden sculptures for their temples. The Gaarudi Gombe art form was one of the styles of sculpture that they favored


The Gaarudi Gombe art form is still practiced in Kannal today. The artisans who create the dolls are skilled craftsmen who have learned the art from their ancestors. They take great pride in their work, and they strive to create dolls that are both beautiful and functional. This show is beautiful to the eyes and will entertain you


The Gaarudi Gombe art show was a great opportunity to learn about this unique art form. The sculptures on display were truly stunning, and they captured the beauty and complexity of the Hindu tradition. The show also highlighted the importance of preserving traditional art forms. The Gaarudi Gombe art form is a valuable part of Karnataka's cultural heritage, and it is important to ensure that it continues to be practiced for generations to come

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In addition to the sculptures, the Gaarudi Gombe art show also featured a performance by a group of local dancers. The dancers wore giant doll-suits made of bamboo sticks. The suits were decorated with brightly colored fabric and mirrors. The dancers performed a traditional folk dance that told the story of Krishna and Satyabhama. The dance was a lively and colorful performance that brought the Gaarudi Gombe art form to life

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